Cold Water Audit Updates from Ken Bennett: No Decertification and More Than 2,089,563 Ballots

Ken Bennett joined John Fredericks last night to review the status of the AZ audit and throw cold water on a number rumors:

• Ken reiterated that there will be no preliminary report. The full results will be released a few weeks after the audit is completed, probably sometime in August

• They have completed both the hand count and the forensic analysis of the ballots — he did not comment on the status of the machine evaluation, the envelope signature review, the canvass, or any down ballot examination

• The team is currently double and triple checking the tabulation, the “aggregation” of every ballot, and the ~90K tabulation sheets

• Ken says “they actually sent us more than 2,089,563 ballots” because of the duplicate ballots; there were about 20K - 25K damaged ballots that had to be duplicated and they are rechecking those numbers to make sure nothing is double counted

• If the audit reveals problems, Ken believes the Governor will call a special session this fall so that the legislature can address those issues

• John Fredericks asked Ken if the legislature has the power to decertify the electors. Ken responded: “No. There is no provision in AZ law currently to decertify the results canvassed last December.” Ken suggested they may need to create a new law to enable that in the future.

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*Interview with Ken Bennett starts at minute 15:10