I don’t like to make predictions anymore


the stage is set for a Oct-Dec SHOWDOWN

1. Durham is back with indictments connected to HRC
2. Hunter’s laptop back in the news
3. Arizona results are DAMNING
4. Trump Keeps saying we’re gonna like what’s about to happen
5. Haiti is in the news
6. Jan 6 truths keep coming out
7. Debt ceiling is here. Sen R’s blocking. Dems in panic. Dollar on verge of collapse. Say goodbye to central banking and petrodollar????
8. Possible gov shutdown??? All Dems fault
9. Maxwell co conspirators being named in two weeks
10. Prince Andrew served and back in the news again
11. The one year timeline on Geneva Convention obligations in the Law Of War Manual post “end of belligerent occupation” (11.3) slated to occur 1/20/2022

Where’s Iran ?
Where’s Afghanistan ?

All movies playing at once ?